Your First Visit


We take the time to get to know our patients and their concerns.


Each appointment is structured so that we can take a thorough approach and provide high quality care. Whether it is a check-up or an emergency, we will look after you.


Many of our new patients have been referred to us through word-of-mouth, and we greatly appreciate this. Please let us know who recommended Better Teeth Dental Care to you!



Your child's first dental check-up 


What's the best age?  We would like to say it is when the child is cooperative and can follow simple instructions. This can be as early as 1 year old, but the majority of children we see for their first visit are between 2 and 5 years old. 


We introduce the child to the dental environment in a fun way. They get involved in counting their teeth. We check how many teeth are present, correlate it with the expected dental development for their age, check the quality of those teeth, and we talk about good oral health habits.


For those kids who are very enthusiastic, we would also introduce a dental clean and fluoride treatment.  


This gives them a positive attitude towards dental care. It will also be relief to know who they are seeing when there is a dental emergency!


New Patient Form (PDF)
Release of Dental Records (PDF)

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